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Our Mission

Youth & Family Services of Virginia, Inc., (YFSVA) is a human services agency. The mission of YFSVA is to provide quality services to assist adults and their families in acquiring the life skills they need to build stronger family and community relationships. Our services provide assistance to individuals who suffer with significant mental health, behavioral, and emotional related illnesses.

Mental Health Skill Building  //

Our Goal

The goal of YFSVA is for each client to successfully complete our program by participating in an individualized service plan with goals and objectives designed specifically to meet their individual needs. It is our vested interest to ensure that our program provides a safe and nurturing environment for our clients to participate in and grow as individuals.

Our Philosophy

We believe all families deserve an opportunity to succeed in society and in life. Individuals, no matter what their background or walk of life can succeed and overcome the obstacles they face. In our programs positive change is not only possible, it is expected.

Specialized Services:

Youth & Family Services of Virginia, Inc., (YFSVA) provides specialized therapeutic services to adults through our exceptional staff of qualified counselors, clinicians and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. YFSVA provides a variety of tools to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives. YFSVA is licensed by the Department of Behaviorial Health & Developmental Services to provide Mental Health Skill Building Services.

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